I am Stephan Heijl,

A digital native at heart, with a penchant for machine learning and data science. I specialize in Artificial Intelligence applied to the world of bioinformatics.

I am a driven person with a wide range of interests, experience in public speaking and an entrepreneurial state of mind.

This is my portfolio.

I use this website to display my accomplishments and work. I am currently employed at Bio-Prodict B.V., but I am always looking to extend my professional network and explore new opportunities.

What can I do for you?

In short, I am a data scientist. I mangle datapoints into becoming information, and feed those into state of the art algorithms that will make intelligent predictions about situations you haven't seen before. Examples include:

I combine my expertise in AI with experience in front-end development and my ability to translate the needs of non-technical audiences into usable specifications. This is how I add value to the companies where I work.

Further information

The Projects page on this website contains an overview of my previous and current work, education and publications. Feel free to contact me in any way you see fit. I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have and provide any references you may need.