As part of my personal development I choose to partake in courses offered by EdX, an online learning platform. I have kept a record of my certificates here.

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Working to develop myself professionaly also extends to my free time. I have participated in a number of courses to extend my capabilities.

Leadership for engineers

In order to be better prepared for a career with decisionmaking responsibility, I elected to enroll in the Leadership for Engineers track at DelftX, an initiative by the Technische Universiteit Delft. While the courses do not offer actual leadership experience, they do offer a theoretical framework that will help me become more effective as a leader. All certificates in the program were achieved with 90%+ scores.

LEfE1x: Effective Decision Making: Dealing with business Complexity

This course helped me discover analytical methods that aid in encounters with complex business decisions.

LEfE2x: Influencing Stakeholders: Dealing with Power and Dynamics in Teams and Networks

This course helped me form a framework for cooperation in networks and provided techniques for enhancing my communication skills targeted at achieving business goals.

LEfE3x: Influencing Stakeholders: Communicating Effectively: How to Inspire and Convince

The final course on this professional certificate track helped me find ways to enhance the way in communicate in speech and in writing, in order to improve collaboration and understanding.

Scalable Machine Learning

I followed this course to learn more about working with machine learning in for larger datasets. This course helped me in understanding Spark and deploying machine learning algorithms across large compute infrastructures.