Bio-Prodict Internships

As part of my Bachelor's degree in Bioinformatics I completed two 6 month projects at Bio-Prodict in Nijmegen, a highly experienced bioinformatics company specializing in protein predictions.

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Research Minor

In 2015 I started a Research Minor at Bio-Prodict. This project involved an intermediate level data science project concerning the development of a pathogenicity predictor, trained and verified on a dataset concerning a specific genetic disorder.

Technologies used

Graduation internship

After my research minor Bio-Prodict asked me to continue my data science work as part of my graduation internship in 2016. We decided to start work on more advanced, neural network-based solutions to learning about protein properties.

Technologies used

The video above was produced with PyMol and and the GreenSock Animation Platform for HTML/CSS/JS animations.

Molviewer Plugin

During both periods I was in charge of rewriting the code for the 3DM plugin for YASARA and PyMol. This plugin provides integration for these molecular viewers with Bio-Prodict's 3DM platform.

Technologies used